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Lewis & Clark Softball Camps - Portland, Oregon
Lewis & Clark Softball Camps - Portland, Oregon mobile

Lewis & Clark Softball Camps

Pitching Camp

Our pitching camp will be facilitated by Paige Hall, Lewis & Clark's pitching coach, along with other collegiate pitchers.  Pitchers, of all ages and levels, will go through the basic mechanics and fundamentals of the windmill fast-pitch motion.  Drills will be a key component of the camp and learning how to use our legs when we pitch!  This is a great opportunity to learn from one of Oregon's best high school and college pitchers.  Pitchers will also learn a variety of different pitches to throw, including the rise ball, change up, drop, curve, etc.

August 8th
Ages: 10 & Older
Time: 9:00am - 11:30am
Location: Softball Field
Cost: $75

Each Camper Will Need To Provide Their Own:
Catcher, Glove and Water Bottle.
**Pitchers must provide a catcher (friend, dad, teammate, etc) to catch the pitcher during her camp.

Additional Information:
•    Current Lewis and Clark Players attending and running the camp.
•    Camp Refund Policy: No refunds are provided for camp for any reason.