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Lewis & Clark Softball Camps - Portland, Oregon
Lewis & Clark Softball Camps - Portland, Oregon

Lewis & Clark Softball Camps

2017 Summer Camps

Pio Pup Camp: Each Camper will be given elite instruction on all aspects of the game. Campers will be given individual attention on the basics of hitting and improving their everyday swings. Instruction on bunting and slapping will also be included. During this session the campers will be focused on breaking down positions work with various defensive drills and agilities. Last but not least, the proper and most effective way to run bases. Our goal is to teach each camper the important aspects of the game also to improve their skills so they can compete at the top level.

Pitching Camp: Our pitching camp will be facilitated by Paige Hall, Lewis & Clark's pitching coach, along with other collegiate pitchers.  Pitchers, of all ages and levels, will go through the basic mechanics and fundamentals of the windmill fastpitch motion.  It's important for young pitchers to learn what a "legal" pitch looks & feels like, as many of the older pitchers have a difficult time changing their mechanics, as it wasn't learned and corrected at a young age.  This is a great opportunity to learn from one of Oregon's best high school and college pitchers.  Pitchers will also learn a variety of different pitches to throw, including the rise ball, change up, drop, curve, etc.

Pitching Camp
Pio Pup Camp
August 9th
Ages: 10 & Older
Time: 9:00am - 11:30pm
Site: Softball Field
Cost: $75
August 14th - 16th
Ages: 12 & Younger
Check-In: 9:30am, Day 1
Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm, Each Day
Cost: $115 Includes Camp T-Shirt

Each Camper Will Need To Provide Their Own:
Helmet, Glove, Bat, Lunch, and Water Bottle Everyday.
**Pitchers must provide a catcher (friend, dad, teammate, etc) to catch the pitcher during her camp... Again, it CANNOT be a catcher that is participating in the "Catching Camp".

Additional Information:

  • Current Lewis and Clark Players attending and running the camp.
  • Camp Refund Policy: No refunds are provided for camp for any reason.